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Atlas Group prides itself on its robust distribution capacity, putting great importance on a solid Route to Market strategy.  We cover all main channels of distribution in the formal, semi-formal, and informal market through our direct sales division, cashvan division, and through sales from our numerous sales points across the country.

Channels of Distribution

Formal Trade

Formal Trade.jpg

Atlas Group enjoys a strong relationship with all the main supermarket chains in the country. This market segment has grown substantially in recent years, marking a notable shift in consumer behaviour away from the informal market.   Atlas strives to provide unparalleled service in this channel through its key account managers and team of promoters, to ensure the brands we represent reach the end consumer with the best possible quality and presentation. 



Traditionally our key strength has been the wholesale and informal market.  While we have made strong efforts to move into other channels, accompanying the country's evolution and development, we have made sure to maintain our dominance in this market.  We are one of the main suppliers in the country to semi-formal wholesalers and sub-distributors for both commodities and FMCG.





Our approach to sales is capillary, regardless of the channel in which they are made. For the numerous existing stores, we have our highly specialized and professional cash van team. With a retailer-oriented approach designed to minimize business costs and maximize geographic coverage, we bring the brands we distribute to virtually every existing store. The service we offer includes monitoring the shopkeeper in terms of orders, explaining the products we have up to a shelf organization service, product display and placement of promotional material in order to boost store sales.

Atlas Group provides tailored solutions for various types of industrial clients such Bakeries, Pastry shops, and various types of factories.  Aside from supplying key ingredients, Atlas involves itself in its clients production process, providing training, and technical assistance locally and from abroad, to ensure consistency and quality.  We work closely with our esteemed clients to ensure the best possible service and quality to the final consumer.

Food Service


Atlas Group has recently moved into the Food Service channels, increasing its customer base to Hotels, Catering companies and restaurants.

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